From board meetings and small group training sessions to large conferences and employee retreats, the message of generosity that I deliver grabs the attention and interest of listeners and gives them concrete advice they can carry into their professional and personal lives.

Are you planning an event where the stories and ideas about generosity from my book, Connected for Good: A Gameplan for a Generous Life, would be both enlightening and engaging to your audience?

I am happy to discuss how I can deliver an engaging talk that fits the theme of your event. As a reference, here are some of the topics that might be relevant to your audience:

Topic 1 – Connected for Good™: Great relationships are contests in generosity
Building relationship bridges and being present to others is the highest impact and lowest cost way to be generous. In this talk, John is a storyteller of remarkable tales of real people who opened doors of opportunity around the world, started new social ventures, or lifted kids out of poverty in their own neighborhoods and were richer as a result.

Topic 2 – Close the Generosity Gaps and take your giving to the next level
Life just gets in the way of being generous. The distance between our longing and reality is captured in three Generosity Gaps: the Action Gap, the Accumulation Gap, and the Gratification Gap. In this talk, John brings clarity on what might be standing in the way and offers solutions to closing those gaps.

Topic 3 – The Generosity Gameplan™
Our heart’s desire shows us our most satisfying way to be generous. In this talk, John explains how being connected for good can result in richer relationships, gratifying acts of service, and effective charitable giving.

If you’d like to learn more about having me speak at your event, please call (262) 754-4485 to talk to Jessica or email me at john@generositygameplan.com and a member of my team will connect with you.