Guest blog: John Putnam, National Christian Foundation

Apr 8, 2019 at 9:08 AM

Farmer’s hands holding cherry tomatoes

My friend, John Putnam, is president of the National Christian Foundation of the Carolinas and has some great insight into generosity.  In this article, “Growing love and generosity in a garden”, John reminds us that our lessons in being generous can come from unexpected places and experiences.  He also points out how we can use what we already have that we might not think about as a springboard for giving.

It’s finally beginning to feel like spring here in Wisconsin.  Jamee and I are busy planning our garden and thinking about when we will be able to get some dirt under our fingernails and begin planting.  John has us thinking…. maybe we should order extra seeds.

How about you?  Are there areas in your life where an opportunity for generosity may be waiting to be discovered?

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  1. Gary Rosberg says:

    John… I have seen your garden at the farm in Wisconsin… great memory… I can also almost feel the dirt and smell the garden your friend, John Putnam, describes. I love the modeling of growing love and generosity of this generous couple. Thanks for passing on the blessing…

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