Meet John Stanley, Author of Connected for Good

Let’s connect! I’m an advisor to major donors and strategic grant-makers who want to do the most good with their currencies. I’m also the author of Connected for Good: A Gameplan for a Generous Life and the creator of the Generosity Gameplan™. This is a step-by-step process for people of means and substance who seek to create real change using a new approach to generosity. I’m also a consultant who provides management services to donors, foundations, and nonprofits that want to increase their impact by giving from the heart.

My goal is to bring generous people to a destination where each act of generosity comes from the true desires of their heart; where relationships are built an inch wide and a mile deep; where strengths of skills and character are spent from an inexhaustible well of care; and where giving financial and material resources feels like sharing from an abundance rather than giving from what is leftover.

I have served some of the nation’s most generous families and the nonprofits they care about through The Legacy Group, a consulting and management firm I founded in 1999. I am also a grant-maker myself, giving through and serving my family’s foundation as a trustee.

Feel free to send a personal message if you’d like to learn more about who I am, my book, Connected for Good, or the Generosity Gameplan™.

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