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Create and take action on your Generosity Gameplan with expert support

Consulting and management services to help you do the most good with your currencies.

My team and I advise major donors and strategic grant-makers who want their giving to radically transform themselves and the world.

We offer two programs: Generosity Gameplan™ consulting and foundation management.


If you are feeling detached or uninvolved with the causes you support –
If you are overwhelmed by requests for your time and money –
If you want to see better outcomes from your giving and volunteering –

A Generosity Gameplan will give you connection, focus, and impact.

Why engage us to develop your Generosity Gameplan?

Working on your Generosity Gameplan with us gives you results:

Most Generosity Gameplan engagements unfold like this:

Every Generosity Gameplan is different, so we tailor the program specifically to where you’re at.
You’ll get only the steps you need.

Interested? Let’s talk about what you need from a Generosity Gameplan.


Foundation Management Services

If you are starting a new charitable foundation –
If you want to better fulfill your foundation’s complete program and operations –
If you want to reduce the complexities of your generous ventures so they can reach their full potential –

Our foundation management services expand your capacity to give.

We offer everything from back-office support to a full complement of knowledgeable, high-touch professional and administrative staff.

Here are the services we provide:

Looking for support? Let’s talk about what your foundation needs.