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Back to Basics Part II

Feb 12, 2019 at 10:24 AM

Doesn’t true generosity really flow from gratitude?  My good friend, Dr. Harville Hendrix thinks so:

 “A person must get connected with how he or she has received love and generosity.  If you can’t receive generosity, you can’t receive grace.  Without this connection, this self-awareness, one can only act generous, and generosity becomes a utility.  What have you been given?”

Embarking on this practice of transformational generosity, driven by connection, starts with a disposition of gratitude.

Our gratefulness for what we have been given becomes the way forward to a better way to give, and it starts with our heart’s desire to connect with God and others in a meaningful way.  God has wired us in such a way that we run best on renewable energy sources generated in relationship.  The old paradigm of check writing and volunteering can feel exhausting and futile when it lacks the connection that our hearts crave.  But building in connection turns our time, talent, and treasure into renewable currencies in the form of relationships, strengths, and resources.

-Giving away our Relationships fosters community.  For example, when we build bridges between two people for their benefit rather than ours, we generate capital.  Bonds are strengthened and love can flow more freely.

-Giving away our Strengths allows us to encourage.  We can begin with bringing authenticity and attention to the time we spend with others. Our unique presence is a gift that matters.  When we do volunteer, giving away our unique skills and strengths creates value for ourselves and for those with whom we share our strengths.

-Giving away our Resources challenges us to grow and be transformed.  When we are already spending with our relationships and strengths, the way we give time and money is forever changed.  Now we see where our gifts will have the most impact, and we give from a sense of abundance.

These generosity currencies are powerful because they are grounded in love of God and love of others.  Rather than giving from guilt or obligation, we are giving from our heart’s desire to connect with God and others in a meaningful way.  We are bringing our whole selves into life, and we are demonstrating our care and empathy for the world around us.  Not that’s generosity!

Has this created a stirring in you to transform your giving or get re-focused on your Generosity Gameplan?  I’d love to connect with you!

2 responses to “Back to Basics Part II”

  1. Harville Hendrix says:

    Thanks and blessings John! Great 👍 ideas and writing ✍️

  2. Pat says:

    John, thanks for reviewing the basics. I am reminded that relational connection is key to a generous and abundant life. My elderly next door neighbor is independent, mostly. When I visit, I desire to do something practical – run the vacuum, fold her laundry. But she will have none of it. I plead, “I want to help. What can I do for you?” Grasping my hand, she chuckles and says, “nothing needs doing,” and our hands hold together for a while. Presence can be a precious gift, for both of us.

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