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Dec 19, 2018 at 8:55 AM

holding mom's hand in waitLast month while keeping vigil with my mom in a Dallas hospice I did a lot of hand holding and silent reading. From an author I do not remember, here is a thought I remember so clearly.

We often think of Hope as a virtue. It is essential to waking up and facing the day. It sinks deep into our hearts as we work on our relationships, and it helps us see past immediate challenges. But this author stated that hope as a virtue has little value without waiting.

Waiting. I did a lot of that in Dallas and found it difficult. It turns out that waiting is an art form and required in almost every relationship. You’ve done this I know. Sitting with a friend or loved one in a doctor’s waiting room. Waiting on a “light to go on” for a child growing up. Connecting with a seat-mate while waiting for a gate to open up at an airport. Talking with a loved one while waiting for the hold music to stop and a customer service person to pick up the phone.

Waiting, waiting, waiting.

What does this have to do with generosity?   As opposed to waiting “on”, waiting “with” is an act of generosity. It’s spending yourself. It’s a grand irony. Our presence is the most underused yet most valuable of the generosity currencies.

So, my wish for you this season is that you can close the screens and be present to those you are waiting with, and together get clear about what you are hoping for with your acts of generosity.

Merry Christmas

6 responses to “Waiting”

  1. Steve K says:

    Words to live by, thanks!

  2. Cheri’ Toogood says:

    Beautiful thoughts, John and so very true. I, too, find myself in lots of hurry up and wait situations that are totally self imposed. I am looking forward to time with the family and find it hard to wait to see them all.

  3. Tom Rogerson says:

    Great thoughts. Our most precious asset here on earth is the time we get to spend here with others. Your timing for this is particularly poinient for me and our family as my mother is within hours of seeing Jesus. She has been on Hospice care in her apartment here in Massachusetts while we are all waiting with her. Her pain from the bone cancer is extreme, so we are hopeful that she will be with Jesus soon. Thank you for your message at this precious time.

  4. Chuck Zellermayer says:

    This is a wonderful read. Thank you so much John.

  5. Alan Gaudynski says:

    Blessings to you and your family during this Christmas season.

  6. Rick Harig says:

    To wait. To hold vigil is to wait, to watch, and even to guard. You are holding vigil. There are few moments like the ones you described that will cause us to live so completely in the moment. Just reading your words caused me to hit the brakes, pause, and power down and to ask myself: What about me? Am I generous with my presence? Am I spending myself like I could on behalf of another? Thank you, John. You lit a fire with this.

    Now, as you hold vigil, may the peace that surpasses all comprehension guard your heart and your mind in Christ Jesus.

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