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My Focus This Advent

Dec 6, 2018 at 1:47 PM

Backhand roll castThis photo was taken on the Colorado River last summer. The trout love clean, clear water even more than I do!

A couple of years ago my friend Fred Smith wrote about this time of year, noting how callused we can become if we only focus on what’s going on outside. The barrage of incoming requests, Giving Tuesday, year-end appeals, photos of hungry children, Facebook likes, Hollywood elite’s Twitter endorsements, clanging bells at the mall and big data reaching into our shopping sites can be exhausting. It can harden us and numb us to what is important. And what is important is what is going on inside.

Fred’s comments got me thinking again this year about what I choose to focus on. And for me this Advent, it’s looking inward not outward. Yesterday, I deleted all my one touch apps on my iPad for news; Drudge, National and Wisconsin Public Radio, LinkedIn and Facebook. I reasoned that I must touch those apps dozens of times a day. More and more lately when I open those apps I find little I’m for and lots of things I’m against.

So this Advent I’m focusing on what I’m for, which is my heart’s desire.

How about you, this Advent, what are you for?

4 responses to “My Focus This Advent”

  1. John "John A" Warnick says:

    Beautiful John. Thanks for inspiring us to really focus on what matters most during this season I call Thankmas…the stretch between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s so easy to get caught up in the transitory and tingle and forget what matters most to us.

    BTW, I just completed a new visioning exercise for clients (actually all of us should complete this exercise). It’s called ThankMas – The Gift of You. It only takes about 15-30 minutes of time and it’s going to be available by free download to anyone. It’s the perfect way to express just how important your family and close friends are and make a Gift of You. It’s certain to bring joy to the recipient and great satisfaction to the giver.

  2. Patrick Johnson says:

    Wow…I really resonate with this John. I can spend hours distracted by all the outward things that come at me. Love the idea of deleting the one touch apps for news. Here’s what I am for:

    *real friends
    *refreshed leaders
    *freedom from addictions for all
    *release of all that we have/are to bless others around us

  3. Harville Hendrix says:

    Thanks, John, for your consistent wisdom and vision. And, Happy Holidays.

  4. Waters Davis says:

    John, thanks for the inspiration. I am for:
    Spiritual transformation
    Love of God to penetrate the hearts of mankind
    Deep and lasting relationships

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