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What I'm For vs. What I'm Against

Nov 6, 2017 at 12:10 PM

circle of people arms aroundOne of our clients is wrestling with how to enter the “pro-life movement” and how best to help with her foundation. It’s an area that is complicated, messy and controversial, and a subject not often talked about at a dinner party. Nevertheless a heart’s desire is emerging and a response will be created, partners selected and contributions made.

Matters of life most often land in conversations about choosing to give birth or abort, end of life care and quality of life for critically disabled people. Our research has been thorough for this friend and client and resulted in an amazing array of ways to proceed, but what principle will drive the choices that this client will make?

Here it is; focus on what you are for rather than what you are against.

This is essential when you are in world-changing for the long haul, especially if you want to win and not just make a difference. Of course there are wrongs that must be righted, but my advice is to leave the big cultural battles for others. This might seem like I’m backing away from a fight, but rather… I’m advising to pick your battles and measure them against the currencies you have available. Do you have the relational currency to win, the talent and time to put into winning or the capital to sustain a winning effort?

Are you focused on what you are for or what you are against with your acts of generosity?

Read my book, Connected for Good: A Gameplan for a Generous Life, for stories of others who focus their giving on what they are for… and become generosity champions!

5 responses to “What I’m For vs. What I’m Against”

  1. Lance Woodbury says:

    Great reminder John and the connection to “available currencies” is a very helpful concept!

  2. Bill Harrigan says:

    With humility , I appreciate being connected for good with your help.
    My best,
    Bill Harrigan

  3. Tim Schwan says:

    Useful thought to ponder and act on. Thanks. Reminds that our generous God reminds us that since He is for us, no person or thing of consequence can stand against us. We are so VERY blessed!

    Romans 8:31 NIV
    [31] What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?

  4. Mark Neumann says:

    Thanks John – I think I may need to have a bit more of a winning mindset that a donating mindset…even if they are small wins. Going to spend a bit more time thinking on what defines a win.

  5. Gary Hoag says:

    When I think of the “pro-life movement” I think of my 77 year old mother, Patsy Hoag. She’s just stepped down after 31 years of serving at a crisis pregnancy center where she had the privilege of saving a countless number of babies from abortion and leading numerous women to faith in Jesus Christ. Most years she volunteered, and some of those years they put her on the payroll at Cornerstone (www.cornerstonepregnancy.org) because she was always there and they ran on a lean budget so she was willing to be the minimum wage kind soul to welcome hurting walk-ins. I support it monthly to this day in honor of my mother’s legacy. I got to speak at the 30th anniversary dinner and agreed to do it pro bono if I could honor my mother. I did. It was unforgettable. All that said, winning for me is supporting centers like this one on a monthly basis so they can deploy saints like my mother to extend the grace of Jesus Christ and welcome the hurting souls that are lost and lonely, and in so doing, they save unborn babies and their mothers. That’s winning.

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