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December 2015 - Generosity Gameplan™

where to give - generosity gameplanAs you would expect, I have lots of conversations with my friends and clients about charitable giving and volunteering. And I’ve discovered that some of them don’t care for the word generous to describe themselves.

My friend Mike Klonne says that generosity isn’t a word that he would attach to what he does. “I would personally describe my volunteering and helping as a blessing given to me that I have been fortunate enough to realize.” I appreciate Mike’s sense of gratitude and outward focus in what he does and I know that along with his list of where to give came a stop giving list too. Mike is volunteering and giving to create change in kids’ lives, his heart’s desire. He is not just responding to requests.

Mike knows that the root words for generosity, genus and osus, come together to form an expression of being fully engaged in life by being fully connected to the community. So his generosity is grounded in meaningful relationships, and these relationships form the very crux of transformational, rather than transactional, generosity for him.

As 2015 draws to a close, I wonder: Has getting clear about your Generosity Gameplan helped you create a stop giving list so you can give more to your heart’s desire? Let me know.

Read my book, Connected for Good: A Gameplan for a Generous Life, to find confidence in your giving, as well as where you choose to stop giving.