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April 2015 - Generosity Gameplan™

Ray Pugh - generous YMCA camp leader - generosity gameplan“I’m the luckiest, the richest and the happiest man alive.”

That’s the way a friend of ours started every day – Oh c’mon you say…every day? Yep, every day. Ray Pugh, teacher, coach and YMCA Camp Director faced challenges every day, just like the rest of us; recruiting passionate board members, raising necessary funding, inspiring volunteers, etc. But he pumped himself up. Ray figured that others were counting on him, especially kids, and if he had a bad attitude, they would as well.

Ray couldn’t hold a note, but no matter, he played the guitar and banjo and belted out songs with his college-age counselors anyway often saying that camp directors didn’t have to sing pretty, just confidently! He was right. Ray’s confidence and joy were what made being a part of his life a great experience for so many.

So, what does attitude have to do with generosity? Ray knew his strengths; confidence, a great smile, optimism, and a memory for names. Knowing his strengths made it easy for him to give confidently of his gifts.

So I wonder, is your attitude a part of your Generosity Gameplan to inspire others? How do you stay Connected for Good?

Making your own Generosity Gameplan can illuminate the way toward living with an attitude of generosity. Read my book, Connected for Good: A Gameplan for a Generous Life to discover how.