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The Generosity Gaps

Do you think your generosity could be different than it is today? If something is holding you back, you could be in one of three Generosity Gaps. Are you ready to close the gaps and connect your generosity to your heart’s desire?

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The Generosity Gameplan™ Process

It helps to have a gameplan for living a generous life – a strategy that guides how you use your renewable generosity currencies. The Generosity Gameplan is a 7-step process that guides you as you make donations, direct your donor-advised fund, start a foundation or nonprofit, or devote more energy to philanthropy.

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Meet John Stanley

Decades of experience as advisors to philanthropists, foundations, and nonprofits means we’ve got stories to share about how great relationships have resulted in fulfillment of our clients’ grandest dreams. And it all starts with a conversation.

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What We Do

You’ve got the vision, now you need an execution plan to reach your goals. John Stanley helps major donors, strategic grant-makers, foundations, and nonprofits through private consultations, speaking events, and specialized management services.

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John Stanley interview on FamilyLife radio

headset on microphoneFrom a most out of the way place comes a rich message about how to keep and grow healthy families…Little Rock, Arkansas. That was my sense after spending a day at FamilyLife headquarters being interviewed by Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine about my book, Connected for Good.

It turns out that a healthy family contributes to a person being grateful, and gratitude in turn motivates a person to be generous…starting with their family.

You can listen to my interview here FamilyLife

Read my book, Connected for Good: A Gameplan for a Generous Life, to discover stories of others who have overcome discouragement and become generosity champions.

Generous Connections guest blog – Fred Smith: Keeping a soft heart in hard times

mitten hands holding heartMy friend Fred Smith, from Tyler Texas, has insights into navigating life that I appreciate very much. Once, in 1998, after casting a vision for my company, The Legacy Group, he asked me, “John, how do you see yourself helping generous people?” I answered, “I want to help them be effective.” He responded, “ Donors don’t need help in being effective they need your help in finding clarity about what God has called them to do.” This advice fundamentally changed my course.

In his latest blog Fred gives a voice to what many of us are feeling this time of year as we respond to the needs facing our world, nation and neighborhoods. I hope you enjoy his thoughts. You can find more from Fred at The Gathering, a multigenerational community …

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“John, I just read the overview and you remind us all that there are infinite possibilities for giving when we focus our generosity on relationships first. Thank you!”

– Anne Bristol
Morgan's Wonderland Director of Development