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The Generosity Gameplan™ Process

It helps to have a gameplan for living a generous life – a strategy that guides how you use your renewable generosity currencies. The Generosity Gameplan is a 7-step process that guides you as you make donations, direct your donor-advised fund, start a foundation or nonprofit, or devote more energy to philanthropy.

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Meet John Stanley

Decades of experience as advisors to philanthropists, foundations, and nonprofits means we’ve got stories to share about how great relationships have resulted in fulfillment of our clients’ grandest dreams. And it all starts with a conversation.

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You’ve got the vision, now you need an execution plan to reach your goals. John Stanley helps major donors, strategic grant-makers, foundations, and nonprofits through private consultations, speaking events, and specialized management services.

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Christian Super Fund

In Australia, citizens are required to put aside income for retirement into “Super Funds” managed by the private sector. Super Funds have been created around common interests such as teachers, firefighters, etc. One Super fund, The Christian Super Fund, has 25,000 members, and the leaders wanted to introduce the membership to the subject of generosity. Earlier this year I was privileged to join 25 others in creating such resources. This abbreviated version of my contribution was re-posted by my friend Gary Hoag to his followers.

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Have I Mentioned Anna Grace Coming Into My Life?

Man holding baby girlHave I mentioned Anna Grace coming into my life? Anna Grace is our first grandchild. I know I mentioned her to my “brother-cousin” Edward, who tragically died when a horse threw him in Austin last May, but I’ve been with Anna Grace the last five days. And you know, Edward was right. He told me that grandkids are just children we are supposed to love, until you stick a finger out…and they grab hold to take you somewhere. Now that’s an amazingly ordinary moment.

Spending time with Anna the last few days got me thinking. What other moments in my ordinary life have been extraordinary? And isn’t it the amazingly ordinary things that impact us the most?

You put a zucchini squash seed in the ground, and if you miss checking on it …

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“I believe as John has described, that when you give to something you are passionate about it is not work! It becomes bigger than one person, and the experience is truly a gift from God for all involved.”

– Gary Wilbers
Ascend Business Strategies Executive Coach