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The Generosity Gameplan™ Process

It helps to have a gameplan for living a generous life – a strategy that guides how you use your renewable generosity currencies. The Generosity Gameplan is a 7-step process that guides you as you make donations, direct your donor-advised fund, start a foundation or nonprofit, or devote more energy to philanthropy.

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Meet John Stanley

Decades of experience as advisors to philanthropists, foundations, and nonprofits means we’ve got stories to share about how great relationships have resulted in fulfillment of our clients’ grandest dreams. And it all starts with a conversation.

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You’ve got the vision, now you need an execution plan to reach your goals. John Stanley helps major donors, strategic grant-makers, foundations, and nonprofits through private consultations, speaking events, and specialized management services.

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Where Will I Start?

God's glory through the church*Artist: Mariah Hope – use by permission of Leadership Network

I spend much of my strategic thinking and effort on culture, not pop culture, although this is a dimension of it, but rather matters of civil society in general. And some time ago I remember thinking, “Everything looks like it needs fixing. Where should I start?”

This was the question I asked a prominent three generation farm family recently. The first generation had a longing to leave a legacy of generosity and wondered the same thing; the needs are so vast, where shall we start?

For me and the friends I help it depends on what one believes. Here’s what I mean. Since I am concerned about our culture I could choose to back solutions in the marketplace creating …

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Help the Next One in Line

graduate hugging her motherMay and June are graduation months. Time to celebrate great accomplishments and the moving on to a new phase in life; new job, new school. When I reflect on the times my children graduated, I remember being so grateful to those people who had poured into their lives. Karen and Micah spent the better parts of their childhood years surrounded by teens and young adults who were outstanding leaders for summer campers and teens. They had a tremendous positive influence on my kids. And there were other youth leaders at church and teachers who not only taught but cared, gave direction, and listened. Other parents of our kids’ friends were also there to watch over, guide, and protect them. They had mentors both in and out of school who they respected …

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“Somehow, we need to pull back and spend more time in discovering what God wants us to do. Listening to the small voice before making decisions about where and how we can best spend our talents and our treasure.”

– Margadette Demet